HBC Carbon Fiber Limited Drycone Chamber

BC Carbon Fiber Limited Drycone Chamber

HBC carbon limited drycone chamber. V-bagged with high temp epoxy resin with stainless high temp coating on inner chamber walls. Pipe has more volume with custom stinger size. No water is added to chamber tip. Head pipe water screws may be left as they were with alum b-pipe. Pipe is designed for larger mod motors.
(Prefered comp use only)


Carbon Fiber recovery tank

Carbon Fiber recovery tank

Antifreeze over flow tank, aprox 2 1/4 round by any custom length. 100% carbon fiber, uses earls fittings. Can be used on track cars aswell as 4 stroke jetski's. $350.00


Aluminum Bed Plate

Aluminum Bed Plate

Here we have the HBC billet ADJ yamaha bedplates 62t/61x. They are slotted for front to back adjustment as well as locking grooves to insure solid lock down. Perfect for custom boats such as Lenzione1, eme q8, Trinity, WCF, Rickter as well as a stock boat. Adjusting your motor front to back depending on your style or weight can be very usefull during comp or freeride situations.

(includes Billet locking washers) — $950.00

Titanium Drive Shaft

Titanium Drive Shaft

Here we have the HBC SXR titanium ADJ drive shaft. Built for comp use, strong and very light vs oem shaft. This is full ti with stainless adjusting tip w/ Ti shims. Built to the order let me know your length and we will build it. Adjustment range is 2 inches. We also offer a full stainless version for comp and day to day riding.

Titanium Kit — $630.00

Non Adj. Titanium shaft — $600.00

Full Stainless Kit — $500.00

Non Adj. stainless shaft — $480.00

HBC carbon coupler cover kit

Titanium Drive Shaft

HBC uses the floor mounted kit as it is stronger and it keeps water to the floor of thr hull during extreme riding. Epoxy layup, still flexable yet strong. The kit includes the coupler cover, and the mounting hardware. Epoxy for the floor plate is sold separately.

Coupler Cover Kit — $115.00

2 part Epoxy — $6.00

HBC Texalium MSD plate/panel

HBC Texalium MSD plate/panel

MSD mounting plate/panel. This is a infused panel using Texalium, Texalium was developed by a company based out of California named Hexcel. It’s a fiberglass-basic fabric that has a proprietary finish and a thin coating of aluminum on the surface. The aluminum coating is 99.99% pure and approximately 200 angstroms in thickness (One angstrom is one billionth of a meter). This coating produces the highly reflective surface. Texalium fabrics are woven in 2/2 twill, very light and rigid.

HBC Texalium MSD plate/panel — $45.00

HBC MIKUNI carbon diafram covers

HBC MIKUNI carbon diafram cover

HBC MIKUNI carbon diafram cover kit with dual breather holes. Half the weight vs oem steel cover. These are vacuum bagged, they meet and exceed oem specs.

HBC MIKUNI carbon diafram covers — $75.00